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I was born & raised in Punjab. I attended Sumner High School, Chandigarh Art Instituted.

For as long as I can remember I have always had a love of Art. My Grandmother was one of biggest fans & always supported my passion to do Art!

In October of 2010 I started an apprenticeship in Tattooing, after finishing my apprenticeship I moved to Canada. Thanks to the Support of Friends, Family & Clients I continue to grow everyday as an Artist.  I do not limit my self to just one style, but I do favor doing realism inspired art, lettering, Realism & Watercolor Style Tattooing. Due to my Graphic Design background the technical part of tattooing came easy.  If you feel that your vision meets my style, please contact me so we can work together to make your vision a piece of ART for your personal canvas. Tattooing is not something I produce, it's something that produces a change both in myself and my clients. In all my years and thousands of Tattoos later, I have yet to finish a tattoo and not look at the world in a new way. To me no Tattoo is too small, every tattoo I do has meaning, and every tattoo means something to someone. I love working with my client’s and creating Custom Art for them. Being able to tap into someone’s vision and bringing that vision to life makes tattooing my passion!

PEACE, Samar

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