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Contest and Promotions


Flash Tattoos

Sized at 3.5" x 3.5" or under, flash tattoos are non custom pre generated tattoos. Book your next appointment on a Monday.

Emilios' Rate: $100 Every Day of the week except for Fridays

 which is $75

Periodically we offer special flash days and events; so keep your eyes peeled!!


Show Me Your Tats

October promotion!


Please show us your worst of the worst, Facebook meme worthy tattoos. We mean it we want to see them! 


The contestants who submit images of their unfortunate ink will be voted on by you our fans. The winner will receive a free cover up or touch up of the tattoo that was just so cringe worthy.

Second Place will receive their artists rate at 50% off their cover up or re touch

Third place will get 25% percent off their artists rate.

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