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I’ve always been an artist. I was born an artist and will die as one as well. I painted my first oil painting at the tender age of 3. I can still remember it to this day, an owlet poking his little head out of tree trunk. I wish to this day I had that painting still, as a reminder of how far I’ve come since that first creation of mine came to be. My mother was an amazing wild life and portrait painter, so it didn’t take a rocket scientist to see where I get this creative fire from. It has always been my passion. After high school I attended Kwantlen College Newton Campus in 1992, where I got my Foundation to Applied design and fine arts credits. I couldn’t complete my degree for a few years later, but I eventually achieved my Associates Degree in Graphic communications from Kwantlen, alongside accredited courses from Van Arts Film school to learn stop motion animation and Bodwell Internet School studying digital media in 2007. As well as the academic experiences, I have also worked as a book Illustrator for Lightwave Publishing, a video editor and media developer for the Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and an airbrush artist for my own commissioning art studio. But of course, the life of an artist is not paved with gold and adorned with gardens. I had to make a living in between art gigs, as thus had to take on many different types of occupations to make ends. One of which was cooking. I love to cook, and I love to host. I got my first two tattoos in my late 20s, both of which are my own design. In fact, all my tattoos are my own artworks. But from the very first one on, I knew that was my calling. Now all I needed was an apprenticeship. Time passed, and I was no closer to obtaining an apprenticeship. I had settled into a career in electrical in order to furbish my life expenses, but I was miserable. So, a couple of years ago I went out and bought my first tattoo kit on eBay and practiced on oranges and grapefruits. But life can sometimes get in the way, and at that time I was working two jobs to make ends. But one day, a stroke of luck haphazardly came my way. I met a person who form out of nowhere, offered me an apprenticeship with Geronimo Tattoo. I learned as much as I could and practiced day and night. And for some time, I was in bliss. My dream was coming true, that is until one ill-fated day where the owner and I had a creative discussion that ultimately cost me my position there. But never say die! I decided to go rogue and carry on. My sister fronted me some upstart money to buy all the proper equipment and as time moved forward, and with the selfless support of a few friends and loved ones, I continued to grow. Today, I have a fully equipped private studio and not a day goes by that I don’t pinch myself and realize how truly blessed I am to be doing for a living the thing I love most... Creating!!! I really have come a long way from that little boy who painted a grey owlet poking his head out from a tree trunk.

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