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Q. Can I bring my kids with me? I couldn’t find a sitter.

A. The studio is not what one would consider child safe. I have a collection of bladed weapons on display in the lobby, not to mention expensive equipment that could be easily damaged. So its best to leave your younger children at home.


Q. What do you specialize in?

A. I honestly don’t feel I specialize in anything. I enjoy working with stipple shading floral design, as well as high detail realism when I get the chance. I also do well with colour from my fine art and graphic background. 


Q. Does it hurt?

A. Yes, it will hurt, but how much depends on several factors: Location on the body, if you had something to eat before hand, your overall pain tolerance and your mood will determine your pain threshold. There are products like Emla cream to alleviate the pain if need be.


Q. Could you just draw something up first so I can see if I like it or see if another artist will do it cheaper?

A. This is one of those questions that drives every tattoo artist absolutely crazy. The short answer is emphatically no! Would you work 10 hours without pay only to have the client go somewhere else. Drawing only happens one the appointment has been made and the $100 non-refundable deposit has been paid in advance.


Q. My buddy who is just covered in tats said his entire sleeve only took a couple of hours. Why does your tats take so long?

A. Typically, a sleeve on average takes around 25 or more hours to complete, barring any tap outs due to low pain thresholds and of course the complexity of the overall design. If your buddy who is just covered tells you his sleeve was in just a few hours, feel free to call him out on that. He’s exaggerating. Remember, just because someone has a few, or a lot for that matter, covered in tattoos does not make that person an expert. If you need more info on your deigns ideas, talk to someone who has actually used a machine on a regular basis. 


Q. Can I bring my friends to watch for support?

A. While bringing a friend, BF or GF, and a relative is perfectly fine, I ask that you keep it to just one person. There isn’t a lot of studio space to begin with and if there are a lot of people in the room the noise can actually affect my concentration. It is better to just come with only one other.

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